Silly boys, power tools are for girls...

I grew up in the mountains of Virginia under the belief the a girl could do and be anything she wanted. Dolls were for sissies - I'm sure my brothers influenced this thought. Instead I preferred playing in creek beds, searching for critters, or exploring any creative endeavor I could find. This is still who I am today.
Slowly my art & interests have come forth into the building of this amazing shop. I prefer the woods, garage or workshop over just about anything else. Although the competition for this prime real estate can become quite interesting when you add a husband in the mix .. ( Luv ya Joe :)
Originally my "tinkering" was just a hobby. At the time I was a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator for NC, a completely volunteer and unpaid position. I began to sell my art to raise money and awareness for injured wildlife. Thus Twisted Metals was born.
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